Next generation liquid hydrogen fuel and storage systems

Game changing technology

ICT brings new opportunities to the cryogenic liquids storage and transportation sectors. Our proprietary technology and design targets the market for both large- and small-scale cryogenic applications. Our solutions are modular and suited for both onshore and maritime sector.

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Fulfilling our vision means that factories, large ferries and cargo ships, commercial airplanes, heavy duty trucks, passenger cars, trains and more will be fueled by affordable, efficient and safe hydrogen, emitting nothing but water.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is gaining interest and momentum, both in politics and business, for its potential as a climate friendly fuel. Hydrogen is odorless, non-toxic and does not affect the greenhouse effect. When burned, hydrogen releases energy and emits no greenhouse gases, only water.

Hydrogen is not an energy source, it is an energy carrier, a secondary form of energy, that must be extracted, or manufactured if you will, just like electricity. Hydrogen can be extracted from water, from biomass or fossil fuels such as LNG. Liquifying hydrogen extracted from carbon sources (after a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) process) will simplify the purification of the Liquid hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a leading option for long time storage of renewable energy like wind, sun (PV) or hydropower. Hydrogen and hydrogen-based liquids also enables transport of renewable energy over long distances.

Why Liquid hydrogen?

Liquid hydrogen has a higher energy density than compressed hydrogen gas, and therefore requires lower storage volume. Liquid hydrogen also enables lighter storage system, and has beneficial transfer properties compared to compressed hydrogen.

The problem we solve

Hydrogen production will continue to gain competitive advantage on the hydrocarbon economy. The need for improved infrastructure is significant. Improved solutions for transportation and long-term storage are vital parts of this picture and which IC Technology is determined to solve.

IC Technologies´ patented storage solution greatly reduces evaporation loss and allows more flexible tank design, increased transport and storage volume. It also offers cost-efficient construction and manufacturing.

We are certain that hydrogen will play an imperative role in balancing intermittent supply of energy from renewable energy sources. IC Technology will continue to be a key player in the fastest growing segments of the energy industry.

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