IC Technology is developing and commercializing technology for liquid hydrogen storage and fuel systems. The element-based technology supports both tailored manufacturing and cost-effective mass production.

ICT Fuel tank

The fuel tank is highly scalable and suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Increased fuel capacity and safety due to low tank pressure
  • Low weight with use of thin, stainless-steel walls
  • Highly scalable due to standardized modules and automated production

Ic-tech fuel tank

ICT Conditioning system for fuel solution

ICT will deliver H2 at temperature and pressure suitable for combustion engine, blending or fuel cell which will minimize technical and commercial interface.

ic-tech conditioning

ICT Monitoring system

ICT integrated monitoring system consists of software system, control system and digital twin. ICT will deliver a total solution, including software for integrity and condition monitoring, operation and control.

Ic-tech Monitoring System

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