Innovation Norway grant

Dato skrevet 20.12.2021 18:07.Endret 11.10.2022 11:24.


We are proud to announce that ICT this week received confirmation of a grant from Innovation Norway for the development of a prototype fuel-tank system for liquid hydrogen. The advantages of the patented ICT technology include atmospheric pressure, substantially lower weight than conventional tanks and a flexible prismatic form. The fuel-tank will come with an integrated evaporator system designed to ensure conditioning of pressure, flowrate and temperature of the hydrogen directly to the fuel-cell. The project period is from October 2021- December 2022. With the financial support from Innovation Norway the process for the proof of concept of the design is secured. The project has previously been awarded a SkatteFUNN grant from NFR/NRC (The Norwegian Research Council).


ICT does also work on the development of liquid hydrogen for carriers and land tanks.