Safe and reliable membrane technology

IC Technology holds approved and pending patents in the US, EU, Japan, Korea and China. Our designs provide technology that enables a global value chain for liquid hydrogen.

Our storage solution greatly reduces evaporation loss and allows more flexible tank design, increased transport and storage volume, as well as cost-efficient construction and manufacturing.

In June 2021, DNV, the world’s leading classification society, awarded IC Technology an approval in principle (AiP) for our liquid hydrogen membrane type containment system, confirming that our design is feasible and that no major obstacles prevent our concept from being realized.

Our patented membrane technology defines a closed volume, enabling active cooling of cargo.

The vacuum insulation arrangement provides efficient thermal insulation of the tank and enables detection and handling of hydrogen leakage from the tank, as well as any air leakage through the supporting structure and into the secondary insulation space. Our aim is to store and deliver LH2 as easy as any other fuel despite -253 °C

Patents approved

  • Patent - 02/16 - Approved EU, USA - China
    «Simple and solid LNG carrier» – low boil-off, active cooling by twin membrane
  • Patent - 08/17 - Approved EU, USA - China
    Vacuum LH2 carrier – active cooling, leak tracing system

Patents pending

  • Patent - Filed - 10/20
    «Closed cooling» – system
  • Patent - Filed - 10/20
    «Roll-over» - system for LH2 and LNG – all cryogenic
  • Patent - Filed - 01/21
    «Top-cooling» - system – simple cooling for all cryogenic
  • Patent - Filed - 01/21
    «Hybride – moon-pool» - solution for LH2 fuel tank below deck


ICT has teamed up with the most knowledgeable and experienced resources in the Norwegian maritime cluster and other preeminent engineering capacities including the father behind DP (Dynamic Positioning) Steinar Sælid.

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