Safe and reliable sandwich technology

IC Technology provides technology that enables a global value chain for liquid hydrogen. We are developing and commercializing technology for liquid hydrogen storage and fuel systems. Our vision is a decarbonized world with green hydrogen as a major energy carrier.

Ic-tech Laser

Unique technology and tank design

Our unique solutions greatly reduce evaporation loss and allows more flexible tank design, with light weight, customizable shape as well as cost-efficient production.

Our technology allows flexible ship design as the tank holds its own structure. There is no need for further construction surrounding the tank to maintain pressure or vacuum.
The element-based technology supports both tailored manufacturing and cost-effective mass production.

Fuel tank technology


Continuing the Norwegian LNG history of excellent design

In June 2021, DNV, the world’s leading classification society, awarded IC Technology an approval in principle (AiP) for our liquid hydrogen membrane type containment system, confirming that our design is feasible and that no major obstacles prevent our concept from being realized.

ICT is now targeting the maritime segment with fuel solutions. A key feature of the technology is a safe multi-barrier design with continuous integrity monitoring and safety systems.

The proprietary design scales efficiently and can also be used for storage solutions for small and mid-sized LH2 storage (up to 10 000 m3).

With the unique technology, solutions for blending of fuels and multi-fuels can also easily be adopted.

ICT is in 2022 building a demonstrator unit and performing cryogenic demonstration to verify proof of concept.

Funded by Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council, and with our partners we will develop, qualify, and certify our solutions for the maritime market.